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Software Collection: free notepad software full download 2013

Written By Men Download Softwares on Friday, April 26, 2013 | 11:32 PM

Today we are going to share a free notepad software which is very useful for all people whether they are programmers or students.
As you know, Softwares Collection team always tried to provide such softwares and programs which would be equally useful for every computer user.
The Notepad, which is originally provided with installed windows is very simple but yet very easy and convenient to use.
But few people thinks that although it is very easy to use but it has no such option like spell checker and syntax highlighter.
Why it is called Notepad 2?
The reason is that it is primarily built on the same structure as the previous simple version of free Notepad software.
It is light weight abut very compact and useful. Its total file size is just 766 KB.
This such small size makes it very fast and helps to load it very quickly. Although there are many similarities in both versions of Notepad but theses similarities are on the grounds of looks and not in performance because Notepad 2 is far much better than the older version of Notepad.
So one can say that there is no comparison in both these versions of free Notepad software.
This new version Notepad 2 has many new options to offer like it has advanced searching options, advanced editing options, advanced encoding options, selectable schemes, and much more.

So download this now and make full use of it.


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