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Salaat Time Islamic software free download latest version

Written By Men Download Softwares on Monday, May 13, 2013 | 12:02 PM

Salaat time is fixed in Islam and every Muslim has to pray 5 times a day on the prescribed Salaat time.
This Islamic Software is a complete all-in-one Islamic application that calculates all daily 5 prayers which every Muslim has to perform on its prescribed Salaat time.

Additional performance:

This Islamic software is not only useful for Salaat Timings but it also provides a graphical direction of Qiblah for anywhere all over the world.
This salaat time software includes a complete 5 times prayer timings in accordance with the Hijri-Gregorian calendar for the convenience of every Muslim.

This salaat time software has a complete forward and backward navigation calendar which not only tells the prayer timings but also highlights important Islamic dates.

Best Feature:
One best and important thing about this software is that it remains in the system tray and whenever the timing of a particular prayer reaches, it will automatically show visual alerts and will also play Athan/Azaan sound which not only will alarm you for the prayer timing but will also motivates you to perform salaat as early as possible because of its very heart touching Athan/Azaan sound.

Other Features:
This Salaat Time software is very easy to use and even a small child can download and install it. You have many options to choose from Athan/Azaan , Iqamat , or you can also use your own custom sound for alarming you.

For Our Arabic Readers:

وقت صلاة هو ثابت في الإسلام، وكل مسلم الصلاة 5 مرات في يوم في وقت صلاة المنصوص عليها.  هو هذا "البرنامج الإسلامي" كاملة كل في واحد التطبيق الإسلامي الذي يقوم بحساب جميع الصلوات 5 التي لديها كل مسلم لأداء في وقتها صلاة المنصوص عليها.

Some of the screenshots of this Salaat Time software are given as under:
Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2 
Screenshot #3
Screenshot #4
Screenshot #5
Screenshot #6
Screenshot #7
Screenshot #8
Screenshot #9

So guys, I hope you will like this Salaat time Islamic software and will use it to make perform your prayers on time.

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